Software Activation for Infinity-Box users:
- DC-Unlocker software
- GB-Key software
- SPT-Box software
- Micro-Box software
- HUA Dongle software
- Asansam Box software
FREE for Infinity-Box users:
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): MTK/MediaTek
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): RDA/Coolsand
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): SPD/Spreadtrum

13-10-2016: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
Infinity-Box/Dongle software activation for Infinity CDMA-Tool price become much cheaper for 30 days !

02-10-2016: New service (FREE for test period)
New service (FREE for test period) - Unlock code for FREE for listed models

01-10-2016: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
New product - Hua `enable diag` 10 credits

03-08-2016: DC-Unlocker Activation rules changes
From 01-Sep-2016 it will be no free DC-Unlocker unlock logs. If you want to test DC-Unlocker for free you have 3 weeks.

16-07-2016: Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.23 - BB5 15/20 digits Fast SPUnlock enabled and more
- Service operations improved
MTKx: Improved "Security Repair" feature
MTKx: Improved RPL operations

- Unlock operations improved
BB5 15/20 digits Fast SPUnlock enabled
RAPUv11, RAPUv21, RAP3Gv4, BRCM2x platforms supported

- NaviManager updated
Revised Downloader engine
Enabled "QltQuery" option - allow download older SW version for some models
All latest Nokia MTK phones SW packages Query/Download fixed
Download by product code improved and revised

- Other
Some bugfixes and improvements at all
MTKx: Some models can gone to stuck/blink due downgrade, for repair enough reflash latest SW version

01-07-2016: Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.22 - MTKx Repair, New NaviManager and Lumia stuff
USB Flashing improved
- MTKx: FlashEngine revised
Some other bugfixes and improvements

NaviManager updated
Changes according MS servers migrations
DB build from scratch, all latest firmware and versions included
Download engine updated
Downloader via ProductCode released (you should just enter product code for download firmware)
Models list revised, missed models included
Some other improvements
New ENO SW packages included:
RM-1150, RM-1151, RM-1153, RM-1154 (Lumia 650 series)
New models included:
RM-1153: MS Lumia 650[SS]
NaviBase included in installer !

- Service operations improved
MTKx: RPL operations improved and revised
MTKx: "Repair Security" option enabled
> Allow repair "Contact Service" and damaged security, damaged simlocks
> Phones, damaged by other "tools" by writing flash dump etc. are not supported
> That feature just reconstruct security fields but do not make any other magic.
WP8/WP10x: Enabled Direct SPUnlock feature for Lumia series phones

- UserData operations improved
MTKx: PhoneBook extracton engine updated and improved

- Other
Ini updated and revised
Latest USB drivers package supported ( on support area )
Some bugfixes and improvements at all

31-05-2016: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
Micro-Box software activations now two times cheaper than before !

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